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This project was born when I met a scholar specialized in linguistics from the local university. Her objective was to establish a platform among the members of her association allowing them to share personal information as well as activities and bibliographic references.

As I was reaching the end of the development, the scholar decided to abandon the project (!!). I kept working on it as an exercise. Finally, statisfied with the final product and realizing that I was answering many of the unanswered questions on web-development forums about jquery, jtable, ajax, php and mySQL, I decided to publish my work and share the code with you.

This is an open source project, with a dual license under the GPL and MIT licenses.

Built using:
  • html, css and javascript
  • php and mySQL
  • Ajax and json
  • jquery
  • jquery-ui
  • jtable
  • jquery-formvalidator
  • jquery-timepicker
  • jquery-selectize
  • tinyMCE
  • and more...

See demo now!

jtable is a great library that allows to easily manage lists of data. Since I use the same library to deal with various mySQL tables, I had to customize the library. I also needed to use custom forms for creating new records and editing others. I therefore made changes to the library to support these features too.

I answered many unanswered questions on the web about jtable custom forms. I created a very powerful and easy to use solution using ajax and php.

In this project, I use 3 customized versions of jtable. One for the user's section and two for the administration tool. One of them deals with members, administrators and other features and the last one deals with the interface languages since this tool is offered in 3 languages and can easily support as many as you need.

To easily find my changes on jtable, search for the word "Fabrice" in jtable.js with your favorite code editor.

This demo shows the data entry interface for the user/member. OPP also includes an Admin interface (see screenshots). Integrating the data from the database into your site for everyone to see still must be done. That's the easy part!

See demo now!

All the developpment was made with two very small applications available for free under Linux: gedit and regeexxer.

These two applications are all you need to develop web applications today! Isn't that fantastic?

Just be aware of that... To develop very powerful web applications, all you need is:

  • Linux free distribution
  • gedit - fantastic text editor - or geany (a great alternative)
  • regeexxer - amazing search text editor
  • fileZilla - free ftp loader

It all can fit on a small USB Key, and run on any type of computers, including very old one!

Just add a bit of creativity, and you have it all!

Since a demo is provided for the user's interface, I invite you to visit it right now to see how it looks: See demo now!

Login: - Password:

Administration previews...

Installing the OPP code is extremely simple. Follow these steps and rock and roll!

  • Create a new database on your web server using your control panel or phpMyAdmin.
  • Make a note of the settings: hostname, username, db name, password.
  • Create a folder on your web server named - let's say "OPP" - and load with FTP all files from the download.
  • Create a folder on your web server named - let's say "OPPUploads" - with the subfolders as shown on download package.
  • Go to http://YOURSITE/opp/. This will start the installation script. Simply follow intructions...

The script will create and load the database tables required for OPP and delete the installation files.

You are ready to go...

See Installing OPP on the downloaded files for more details...

See demo now!

I need some personal information... I will not share it with anyone!

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